Monthly Archives: May 2011

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Two Poems by David Groulx

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people here/divided they are fucked mostly in the head giving head to books written by white guys and leaving poetry about molestation and fucking for women mostly white women black and brown women write about the fuck/in land and fuck/in white people white people write about themselves and whatever the fuck else they don’t know white guys are mostly fuck/in each other over brown guys fuck each other over too women hate each other and fuck each other over too …

The Last Savage by Nathaniel George Moore

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Spanning the Reagan/Mulroney 1980s, to the Bush/Chrétien 1990s into the present day – Nathaniel George Moore has created a spirited, humourous microcosm of a middle class family’s disintegration in the new millennium. Expectantly clinging to the myths once held religiously, wherein ‘more is good, much is better, hard work always wins out’ – myths crumbling all the faster the harder The Galores attempt to hold on to them. In this excerpt from Moore’s unpublished novel, The Galores are desperately trying …

1978 by Daniel Jones – the short story

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1978   by Daniel Jones the short story   In 1993, with Urban Graffiti still only a germ of an idea bouncing about my brain, one of the few writers I had even told about it was a friend and fellow micro-press publisher (Streetcar Editions w/ Robyn Gillam), Daniel Jones. He said he had just penned a short story about his punk days in Toronto and would I like to consider it. As it worked out, his short story, “1978”, …

AltRock Label Releases — Review by Mark McCawley

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AltRock Label Releases   review by Mark McCawley   From the instant I first received the review CD Iridule by Yugen from the independent AltRock label from Milan, Italy I have been increasingly impressed by the exceptional quality of their releases. Indeed, the AltRock label appears to be increasingly the “go to label” for prog music lovers worldwide.

Urban Graffiti, Issue 11 [Vice & Debauchery Issue]

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After a long gestation period, I am very pleased to publish (and post) Issue Eleven of Urban Graffiti featuring new fiction by Amanda Earl, Bart Plantenga, Catherine Owen, Matthew Firth, and poetry by Mandie Lopatka and George Amabile. These stories and poems are not for the faint of heart, the timid, or the prudish. They upset, they outrage, they titillate and then make you ask why? All the things excellent transgressive literature should do.