Monthly Archives: July 2011

Monthly Archives: July 2011

Life During War Time by Matthew Firth

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Urban Graffiti published several of Matthew Firth’s short stories throughout its existence as a paper-based litzine, yet “Life During War Time” which appeared in Issue #7 has long been my personal favourite. It brought together all the rich elements I found missing in so much of Canadian fiction — postrealism, tragicomedy, sardonic humour, and allegory. I’m pleased to reprint it here. 1 I worry. It’s what I do. Not all the time. No, Christ, not all the time. I manage …

Mike Keneally Band “bakin’ @ the potato!”

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The Mike Keneally Band performs “My Dilemma” and “Kedgeree” from the new live DVD/CD set “bakin’ @ the potato!” on Exowax Recordings. Directed by Mike Keneally and Dave Foster. The release comes with the full-length concert on DVD in stereo, Dolby Surround and DTS Surround, plus two band commentary tracks; and an 80-minute CD of most songs from the performance. Available from Moosemart.

The Architecture of Language by Mandie Lopatka

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Mandie Lopatka is an Edmonton poet and radical confessionalist notorious for her excessiveness and her inability to keep anything to herself. Mandie’s poems have appeared in Blood Ink, Fait Accomplit, Notebook Magazine and Urban Graffiti #11. She has a complete manuscript of her work called, loose moral people, that she has no clue what she will do with. “The Architecture of Language” a video poem, was produced by Michael Hamm of Frame 30 Productions. UG is pleased to present this hot, …

The Music of Monique Ortiz — review by Mark McCawley

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The Music of Monique Ortiz   review by Mark McCawley   I first discovered the music of Monique Ortiz on in 2005, through the music of the late Mark Sandman and his band, Morphine. At once, I was struck by the literary quality of Ortiz’ lyrics. Sandman, whose lyrics had an almost Beat quality to them, or the late Warren Zevon, whose lyrics also shared a dark, satirical, and sardonic literary terrain with those of Ortiz – is very …

The Places You’ll Go by Michael Bryson

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Four o’clock in the morning. I’m out again with strange men. Three this time. Gerald, Tyler and Mark. No, Mike. No, Alan. Shit, shit, shit. Mark. I’m sticking with Mark. I haven’t kissed him. He just moved to Toronto from Saskatchewan. He had a book of short stories published last year. No one noticed. Short stories, I told him. Fuck off. Why bother? Don’t you want to hunt the big beast? Don’t you want to rumble with the real men? …