Monthly Archives: March 2012

Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Travelers by Mark Terrill

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The Travelers   by Mark Terrill Having made one of their rare collective decisions, the travelers opted to stop for a brief respite at a rest stop along the autobahn. They parked between two large trucks, adjacent to a weathered cement picnic table. From the back of the Volvo station wagon, Francine produced a wicker basket and placed it squarely in the middle of the cement table, on which could be seen various stains and residues from previous roadside picnickers. …

Urban Graffiti Mix #5

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Transgressive, discursive, tracks concerned with the struggles of hard edged urban living, alternative lifestyles, deviant culture – presented in their most raw and unpretentious form: music, fiction, poetry, monologues. We are the stories we tell. Yet another avenue for risky, dangerous writing: off the page. For far too long, and far too often literary recitals have been a literary crap shoot, depending on the preparedness and the oratory skills of the reader. At last, the technology has reached the level …

AnAmontAnA Xtreem Performance

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Amsterdam performance artist, Diva AnAmontAnA, performs as part of the Mighty Aphrodite Variety Show at The Comedy Theater Nes as vaudeville burlesque comes to Amsterdam. What makes Diva AnAmontAnA’s performance so intriguing is how she combines vaudeville burlesque with traditional elements of Japanese Noh theatre. The result is purely delicious!

Mary — a poem by Eddie Woods

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Mary a poem by Eddie Woods Eddie Woods writes poetry the way he lives life, intensely. Experience informs his art, and vice versa. Passion, raw edges, nothing left out. Sex, love, politics…coupled with an unrelenting drive towards awareness, the need to understand what universal reality is all about. The Irish poet Ewart Milne said of the poem “Mary,” following its publication in Peter Mortimer‘s Iron magazine [Issue 43, Tyne & Wear, England]: “It’s very powerful, strong and fearless, and it …