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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Urban Graffiti Mix #6

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Urban Graffiti Mix #6 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud A massive mix, focusing heavily on themes and subject matter so often so severely lacking in Canadian literature. Indeed, a condemnation on the current state and status of Canlit: it’s writers, publishers, and critics. A mix that reveals the full extent of what is creatively possible to the transgressive, urban post-realist writer. Truly, truly exceptional works. Transgressive, discursive, tracks concerned with the struggles of hard edged urban living, alternative lifestyles, deviant …

4 works from the "Looking for Mao" series by Andreas Maria Jacobs

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Andreas Maria Jacobs is an artist, writer and editor born in The Netherlands in 1956. Urbanity is a main motif for the transmedial art which he produces. AMJ defines “transmedial art as any art trying to escape the traditional boundaries normally applied to specific art fields such as painting, dance, performance and the like. For me the art genre I work in is best described by ‘painting’.” AMJ confesses that inspiration for his work comes both from his own experiences …

Will the Real Matthew Firth Step Forward, Please?

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Shag Carpet Action by Matthew Firth Publisher: Anvil Press Price: $18.00 paper ISBN: 978-1-89753-584-4 One of the major difficulties of writing transgressive, post-realist urban fiction in Canada is how that writing, by and large, is received by reviewers. Largely lacking the critical wherewithal to appropriately interpret transgressive, post-realist urban fiction, reviewers simply regurgitate publisher press releases — often verbatim — then proceed to act as spoilers by giving up what the book is about, story by story, along with a …