Monthly Archives: July 2012

Monthly Archives: July 2012

The First Thing After Church by Julie Maureen Daniels

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The First Thing After Church for Marco Following the rules really is so easy, military style; yes drill sergeant, no drill sergeant, all the while thinking: fuck you, drill sergeant. Once you learn how to effectively internalize your response, put on the required face, you have essentially won. I learn this the hard way, in the service, but more importantly is how I unlearn it. Upon my return from basic training, I am emboldened, straight and taut from 300 sit-ups …

Nobody shoots anybody by Philip Quinn

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PEOPs Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club NYC by Ron Kolm

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Grinderman by Jose Padua

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Grinderman Taking my wife to her pre-natal appointment this morning I wonder what it would be like if I weren’t me but were Nick Cave instead. “How are you today?” the doctor will ask my wife. “Good,” my wife will say. “And how are you?” the doctor will ask me and I’ll say, “Doctor there’s death out on the plains, and in the cities are men and women walking who are thinner than shadows, their souls are lost like flies.”

Urban Graffiti Mix #7

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Urban Graffiti Mix #7 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud In the age of celebrity for its own sake, the commodification of literature and the arts as entertainment has produced a sort of consensus artist, one who doesn’t create anything original or unique, but first determines what kind of art is going to be socially, culturally, and financially acceptable — then creates it. Is it really any wonder most of what gets created has the flavor and texture of pablum? Against …