Monthly Archives: July 2013

Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Ghost by Philip Quinn

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The Ghost   by Philip Quinn   The Ghost I’d beg for a cup of coffee, a stale bun. The merchants chased me from their doorsteps. I made note of their thick accents.   I thought after the last war, I would make my way as a painter. But my art fed me nothing.   Now I listen for the guns. Each day their thunder comes closer. A dog when it is fed cyanide straightens its legs out.  Marriage — …

Urban Graffiti Mix #13

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Urban Graffiti Mix #13 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud Transgression. Pushing boundaries. Territories. At times, obliterating them. Sarah de Leeuw — poet and human geographer — examines and explores the territory of human sexuality in her excerpt from ‘Geographies of a Lover‘ from NeWest Press. Tsaurah Litzky celebrates her own sensual transgressions in her excerpt from the memoir, ‘Flasher’ from Audible Books. Ron Kolm invites various Unbearables to recite poems from his new book of poetry, Divine Comedy, from Fly …

John C. Goodman — in conversation with John Wisniewski

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John C. Goodman   in conversation with John Wisniewski   When Urban Graffiti first decided to conduct interviews with notable independent underground writers, artists, and publishers — John C. Goodman, editor of the ezine ditch, was among those who initially came to mind. Launched in August, 2007, Goodman singlehandedly created a site showcasing Canadian avant-garde poetry, along with representatives of international avant-garde poetry, and made it more accessible, gathering under the tagline, “poetry that matters”, some of the most exceptional …