Monthly Archives: October 2014

Monthly Archives: October 2014

Prince Picnic by Clint Burnham

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    Prince Picnic     I told my father, I said, I am going to be a musician. He say magician no good. I say, why you magician no good?   Magician be gay. Woman be gay. Man be gay. Everything be gay.   He say you will I say how you think that. I am disappointed in you. What do you think you raised? How did you raise? You raised me. How can you think magic will make …

Savage 1986 – 2011 by Nathaniel G. Moore — review by Mark McCawley

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Savage 1986-2011 by Nathaniel G. Moore Anvil Press ISBN 978-1-927380-55-0 $20 CAN / $20 US 5.5 x 8 | 280 pp     Despite all the investigation, there is still much unrest in the family. May as well try and enjoy the time we still have on earth. Well, I feel so much sometimes I guess I just get a bit clouded, a bit off-colour. You know that colour? A trout in a blender or that big dumb fat sparrow …