4 works from the "Looking for Mao" series by Andreas Maria Jacobs

Andreas Maria Jacobs is an artist, writer and editor born in The Netherlands in 1956. Urbanity is a main motif for the transmedial art which he produces. AMJ defines “transmedial art as any art trying to escape the traditional boundaries normally applied to specific art fields such as painting, dance, performance and the like. For me the art genre I work in is best described by ‘painting’.”

AMJ confesses that inspiration for his work comes both from his own experiences and the world surrounding him:

“In the sense that the separation between ‘me’ and the ‘other’ is always a problematic one and I use my work as a means to investigate this problematic duality. Inspiring philosophers who influenced my works are among others Jacob Boehme (a Renaissance thinker and Shoemaker), Spinoza (Dutch Renaissance Freethinker), Vladimir Solovyov (Russian 19th century Mystic) and the whole bunch of modern philosophers ranging from Karl Marx and Oswald Spengler to Deleuze and Pierre Bourdieu.

I cannot make a distinction between my ‘head’ and my ‘life’, my ‘head’ is my ‘life’ and my ‘life’ is my ‘head’, so what’s in my head is also in my life and vice versa.”

My head is my life and my life is my head.’ ~ Interview with Suze Hupkes, Yeditepe University Instanbul / Hogeschool Utrecht

For AMJ, the most important aspect of his work “is the artistic investigation regarding subjectivity versus objectivity resulting in pieces, art objects questioning our perceived realities. As our experiential perceptions are tightly coupled to different belief systems, I investigate visual residues of hitherto unexplored societal territories. Using the internet as a rich resource of source material I reconstruct a ‘new’ spectacular ecosystem linking various intellectual premises to a user experience.”

“I certainly can see beauty in ‘darkness’ even progress in evaluating its underlying reasoning system. Landscapes as such can express a feeling of guilt or regret or any other human emotion, but it always will depend on the contemporary political and societal conditions. It is the interpretational quality which should guide the spectator in its appreciation of any work of art. I like to go to the point where there is barely any solid ground left to function as a qualifying framework.”

In the following four works from AMJ’s “Looking for Mao” series, the artist further illustrates his transmedial art and the motif of urbanity through his choices of medium, materials, detail, as well as that path of separation between the subjective and the objective belief where reason departs the spectator, as guide, leaving only the barest subjective groundwork to interpret from.

Looking For Mao

AA 2012,"Vertigo", typex and permanent marker on transparent A4 sheet.
Copyright (c) Andreas Maria Jacobs. All rights reserved.

AA 2012, "At the Chinese ", typex and permanent marker on A4 transparent sheet.
Copyright (c) Andreas Maria Jacobs. All rights reserved.

AA 2012, "Cold Train" (detail), typex and permanent marker on transparent A4 sheet. Copyright (c) Andreas Maria Jacobs. All rights reserved.

AA 2012, "The Lake", typex and permanent marker on transparent A4 sheet.
Copyright (c) Andreas Maria Jacobs. All rights reserved.

Agam (A.) Andreas [Andreas Maria Jacobs – NL 1956] is an artist, writer and editor, studied physics and musicology at the University of Amsterdam NL (1978), electronic and computer music at the State University Utrecht NL (1981) and holds a BSc. in software engineering (University of Applied Sciences – The Hague NL (1997).

He is publisher of Nictoglobe magazine, ISSN 1874-9534, online since 1986! He is (co)Founder of the Brahamian Intelligence Service. Member of the fake Scientific Comittee for REFF, Rome Italy. He also runs a radioshow Burgerwaanzin at Radio Patapoe, Amsterdam NL. He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Walkenried, Germany with Judith V. and their 3 children.

relevant weblinks:

http://nictoglobe.com/new/agam (portfolio)
http://burgerwaanzin.nl (experimental web art)
http://nictoglobe.com (internet magazine online since 1986)

Note: background material about the artist was culled from the interview with Suze Hupkes. Used with permission. An excellent and exquisite interview, the editor suggests you read it in full, here.

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