Michael Alan and Michael Kronenberg present: The Living Situation

Michael Alan

and Michael Kronenberg


The Living Situation

(living installation, draw-a-thon)

on Saturday

May 30th, 2015

Brooklyn, New York

at 6:00pm

The Living Situation

n an abandoned apartment in the middle of Clinton hill, Brooklyn (Hell’s kitchen) lives seven naked New Yorkers. Living. Eating. Sleeping. Showering. Cooking. Fucking. Destroying. Come watch, draw, listen, zone out for a 7 hour live happening like no other demented Michael Alan show. Enter into the rear window and watch as they act out the most surreal acts you have ever seen. Ticket only event. Saturday, May 30th, 2015, 6pm on. Click on michaelalanart.com to order tickets. Address will be sent to ticket holders via email.



Mark McCawley: Do you consider ‘The Living Situation’ an evolution from Michael Alan’s ‘Living Installation’ with the incorporation of avant garde theatre into the mix?

Michael Alan: I guess I do with out the theater, I want the cast to be super free and just be home. Nude as hell on fire. With my delicate masks. Living just as they are. No special movements. Just real watching for me and my friends. I think this idea is what people search the earth to find. That moment were you see life.

Mark McCawley: You’ve stated you “wanted to set up a scenario were people can act out what it is to be them. Actually them…Nude. Raw. Wild. A long happening where people can get together and meet and experience something beyond words. Something gone in art.” This sort of performance art and experimental avant garde theatre seems a hybrid of Antonin Artaud’s ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ and Andy Warhol’s early films. Your thoughts?

Michael Alan: I feel there is nothing better than truth. Let it be someone in a ball reading, or someone naked eating a cake. This all needs to be happening at the same time. A house of squatters. Squatters you can draw. Watch. Write about. A living movie. A story on shifty city living. It’s just a project I have to do. Like you just have to prank your dad.

Mark McCawley: As an extension of the ‘Living Installation’ and ‘Draw-a-thon’ series, how much or how little can ticket holders expect to participate in ‘The Living Situation’?

Michael Alan: Get high as hell. Smoke your brains out. Laugh with me. I will be free hanging with everyone. So this will be fun in the 3rd degree. I want to invite Jesus!

Mark McCawley: As with prior ‘Living Installations’, how much will new musical compositions and collaborations play a part in this project?

Michael Alan: Much! I have made so much music. God help! The last live show with Ramsey Jones and Tim Love Lee in tribute to ODB will be played. I have a new album dedicated to OL DIRTY. I have new pianos chores. The show will be a soundtrack.

Mark McCawley: What was the genesis of this project?

Michael Alan: My friend. My ex is losing her place. She has lived there for 10 years, it’s ugly how quick new building owners will eject the livers. It’s a dedication to her. She is letting me do this. It’s a gift. Life is a gift. We all need love.

Photo Copyright © 2015 Michael Alan

Photo Copyright © 2015 Michael Alan

The Living Situation will also be showing the art of Michael Kronenberg as part of the evening’s festivities.

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