Michael Alan’s ‘Living Installation: The Anti-Depression Show’ at 17 Frost Gallery

Michael Alan’s

‘Living Installation:

The Anti-Depression Show’


17 Frost Gallery

17 Frost Street

Brooklyn, New York 11211


December 19th at 6 PM

to December 20th at 4 AM EST


100 person limit


Preparing for the latest installment of his decade spanning “Living Installation” series, entitled “The Anti-Depression Show” at Williamsburg’s 17 Frost Gallery, Michael Alan has invited 17 naked wild people to participate in his artistic and creative assault against depression and the holiday blues.

“The holidays are rough. The city gets still and people get sad. I want to create a space we can all let loose and put aside all of that. It’s needed. The art world is hard to say the least. People feel lost, left out…alone. We are art. You are a living installation.”

~Michael Alan, Blackbook

Mike Alan Alien (departed Santa), Bourbon Bill, Dave Modelo (sloppy poop), Upa (10 hours of the same standup), Nick Greenwald (Bad baby with toys), Ramsey Jones (Live Music), Bekah fly (singing star, LIVE TATTOOS — yes, she will tattoo you up naked), Elena Leslie + Karissa Mckeel (nude sisters attached by paint, loving Santa), Dylan Spelman Hall (jungle cat, decorated by alien world), Tim Love Lee (Live Music), Suzy Q Arango (Girl in a box), Selina Lee (MIKE alien sister), Mackenzie Anne Spindler (fire), Garry E Boake (Reindeer), Catalyst Chica (prime mover), Sean Alday (Mikey cyrus, kronslong’s lost daughter/ son….aka Banana Montana), Keren Moscovitch (sexy stuff), Miss Vivian (the bunny).
Come and join Michael Alan and friends and be part of his wild and unique 10 hours at the huge 17 Frost Gallery. Chase away the blues and replace them with Michael Alan’s 10 hour ritual anti-depression Xmas Living Installation extravaganza as you have never experienced before. Live tattoos. Fire. Paint. Music. Making out. People stuck together. Bad Santa. Comedy. Gather together. Come full circle. Bring down the house. All funds keep the show alive.

Get your advance tickets HERE.

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