Kate Crash — in conversation with John Wisniewski

Kate Crash

(Kate Crash & The UFO Club)

in conversation with

John Wisniewski

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“Musician, glam punk alien cross-dressing renegade
robot from the future, multi-media performance artist,
novelist, poet, director — Kate Crash is a punk
feminist with a DIY ethic. Whether it’s her music, her poetry,
her spoken word performance pieces, her fiction
or her documentary filmmaking — Crash’s glitter-speckled allegorical art
holds a unique mirror up to the present day decay and decadence of Los Angeles
in her search for her own personal authentic amid L.A’s streets of broken dreams
and almost realized celluloid fantasies.”


John Wisniewski: What are you currently writing Kate, perhaps you could tell us about it?
Kate Crash: I am working on many a word potion wrapped in tragedy, lust, descent, loud bass, screaming kids, crushing dreams that lie you into the mirage, a spread leg sunset over the last town sinking into the storm of too fast – too loud, inconsequential lives shouting out “why” when it’s all our ride to die.
Some poetry books that are also gallery installations. Some jack knife stars of ramblings in the form of rave pop music for my band Kate Crash & the UFO Club
Plush Novel Cover John Wisniewski: What inspired PLUSH, your novel — was it based on true life events?
Kate Crash: Nah. I am not hungry for green paper and shallow adoration. Part of the storyline is Catherine Hardwicke’s [screenplay]. Though she is not a psycho-sexual nympho fame-whore like the lead character some of her description of Texas childhood played into it. Yup and some of the emotion of the insanity of bad boys and lost girls that I set fire to and set fire to me in my hideous past of loser glory for sure tumbled around in that empty l.a. dream of loving a shallow thing that destroys you theme of the book.

[Plush – Sample Pages]
John Wisniewski: Could you name some of your favorite authors, Kate?
Kate Crash: anias nin, patti smith, the trannies in the red wigs shoutin’ slurs from their bikes at my glitter lips, the graffiti on the bricks, jacques brel’s lyrics, louis-ferdinand celine, pablo neruda, li young lee, the status updates of my friend EE, courtney love, the poetry in the wild eyes of james dean, those crazy magic words that kids would yell at me because i was free, ralph ellison, david bowie, henry miller, leonard cohen, nabokov, and whatever the stars tell me when i close my eyes and really see.
John Wisniewski: Do you consider your music a separate entity form your writing?
Kate Crash: my poems are my lyrics
my lyrics have a beat
add a little dose
of anarchy and strings
into the potion
of songwriting
music making
Kate Crash & The UFO Club — Sexuo (Plush Mix)

Photo Kate Crash Copyright © Smashley Walters

Photo Kate Crash Copyright © Smashley Walters

John Wisniewski: Do you see your writing as “Transgressive”, Kate?
Kate Crash: I suppose I never thought of it that way but sure why not?
I always considered it raw poetic chaos interpreting the mirage of global zombie culture.
John Wisniewski: Musically and artistically speaking, which musicians or bands, past and present, have had the most profound effect upon you as a musical artist?
Kate Crash: David Bowie. David Bowie. Iggy pop. Hole. Glam. Punk. Patti Smith. Black Keys. Santigold. M.I.A. Jesus and Mary Chain. Slade. T. Rex. Suicide. Nirvana. Rachmaninov. Beethoven. Leonard Cohen. My shameless friends.
John Wisniewski: Could you tell us about any upcoming projects, Kate?
Kate Crash: UP NEXT in the wild and wooly world of ghosts and interstellar travel: shooting a music video for the next song i’m releasing; finishing a documentary called ROLE REVERSO on a Chilean born transgender performance artist; being naked in Barbara T. Smiths next performance art piece; directing a scene in a top secret film; an art installation, photo exhibit, and book piece called PROFANE FLOWER; recording music; cloud jumping; other things i shall never mention; vinyl boots; war paint; glitter.
John Wisniewski: Are there any authors that you like currently?

Photo Kate Crash Copyright © Smashley Walters

Photo Kate Crash Copyright © Smashley Walters

Kate Crash: I love Eric Erlandson’s poetry, Cynthia the Strangers Instagram statements, the erotic lunacies of Rebecca Velazquez, the misguided spiritual ramblings of Janessa James aka the Princess Polar Bear, the minimalist misfortunes of Chiwan Choi, the epic teen angst of Judeth Choi. Most of these people are not majorly published but their social media and texting are enough to make you scream at the skies for such awesome interpretations of our fallen lives.
John Wisniewski: When not writing or working at a project, what do you in your spare time?
Kate Crash: Spare time? I eat fruit, trampoline, and do gongyo twice daily (Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism). Despite the chaos of my writing, I’m actually a really happy, hyper, and hardcore Buddhist. Also, helping people out.
John Wisniewski: How would you describe Los Angeles as a postmillennial scene? Say, in contrast to LA of the last decade or so? How has the internet and social media altered the creative landscape for you?
Kate Crash: More strip malls. More delusions. self afflicted electronic cages
24-7 unreality
Opting in to big brother surveillance
Shameless nameless fame of shallow joy
Consumerist totalitarianism
Less touching
More grasping
A naked hope waiting to be fucked in the gutter.
I live in the shadow of rainbows
Here you can see things so clear
But underneath the despair?
Some light that will carry through
Break free humanity that keeps trying to break itself
There is still some good
We just forget what that means
It can’t be found in a screen or in a shopping cart or in a bottle of pills or a stitch UG

I feel the power of kings being thrust into me
a thousand roaring rivers
saints praying
falling to their knees
endless years of dreams
insatiable longing destroyed
an explosion of the soul
an eternity of our past lives pulse
through you into me
and me back into you
a million lost ghosts find a home
birds migrate from death
the assassination of doubt
interpretations of the void scream sing slam
tides crumble in the dawn
all senses become one sense – a crashing of universes against the divide
we are primal and perverse in our infinite love

~ Kate Crash

today was the day

the broken boys
rolled me   like dice

tumbleweeding me onto

suburban curbs

where i cried cry cry cry  cry cry for night

a place to hide truth 
that i know & knew
boys like that could do

zoo  my heart 

with caged rapture

spit  up my skirt

with laughter

we all knew
we were after

spilling thrills

scrawling broken

& spread
sea saw see saw

paving the soundtrack to our
nothing better do
but lie to ourselves
here I am all alone
& baby what’s left?
use me ‘til I feel love
or something else

~ Kate Crash

Ah my beautiful and crooked Hollywood. My heart is full of your star graveyards and indecent dream’s proposals cracking tar palm flightless gods excessive decadence and despair long tall legs begging everywhere to touch the sky from our knees ah Hollywood won’t u give me some of u please like I give me to you in a forever surrender on sunset I lay hungry happy lost and lame found and betrayed but would

~ Kate Crash
Kate CrashKate Crash is a musician, a glam punk alien cross-dressing renegade robot from the future, a multi-media performance artist, novelist, poet, and director. She received her BFA in Photography & Media from California Institute of the Arts. She is the songwriter of Kate Crash & The UFO Club.


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