Paper Trail exhibit at Van der Plas Gallery — featuring Steve Dalachinksy


"Cha Cha", by Herbert Schager

“Cha Cha”, by Herbert Schager


Van der Plas Gallery is pleased to announce Paper Trail, the gallery’s winter salon of gallery and guest artists. The exhibition features a broad range of approaches from figuration to abstraction that all celebrate the primacy of the artist’s hand and imagination. All the works are on paper, intimate in scale and approach giving the viewer new insights into the process of these well know artists. The focus of this exhibition shows artist experimentation bringing surprises that should delight the viewer as they journey through this conceptual and visceral trail of paper.
Paper Trail features a diverse group of internationally renowned artists: Istvan Kantor Amen, Colleen Blackard, Konstontin Bokov, Ford Crull, Peggy Cyphers, Steve Dalachinksy, M. Donovan, Debra Drexler, Kevin Wendall FA-Q, Enrico Gomez, Peter Griffin, Herbert Schager, M. Sivanesan, Fedele Spadafora, Cliff Tisdell, Toyo Tsuchiya, Johan Wahlstrom, Dale Williams and Michele Zalopany.
Van der Plas Gallery, 156 Orchard Street, New York, NY

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