Urban Graffiti Mix #14

Urban Graffiti Mix #14 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud

Transgressive, discursive. Sex, desire, obsession, addiction. Poems, fictions, letters. Dialogues, monologues. Secrets. Dreams. Something old, something new. More than just the usual literary fare. Urban, ironic, sarcastic, sardonic, sometimes caustic. Allegorical. These poets, dream-weavers, memoirists, fictioneers, songwriters, storytellers, seek out new, unique vernacular to tell their particular narratives. Authentic, visceral, subversive, insurgent, real. As with any good story, poem, memoir, song — only through repeated listening does the myriad levels of meaning present themselves.

Acknowledgements: Thanks to Philip Quinn for permission to broadcast “Loopy”. Catherine Owen’s “Canso 16” and “Dialogue for One Voice: a Poem for Frank” originally appeared as video poems. Tsaurah Litzky’s “My Own Personal Twelve-Step Program” is from the launch of her memoir Flasher at A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, NYC. Carl Watson’s “Extinction is a Dream Believed” is from Mitch Corber’s seminal video series, Poetry Thin Air (Episode 82). Thea Bowering’s excerpt, “To The Dogs, Part One” from her collection, Love At Last Sight, is from NeWest Press Podcast, Episode 32. Ron Kolm’s “Burden Me” and Sharon Mesmer’s “Non-pimpin’ Huggy Bear” are from the Sensitive Skin magazine #10 launch at the Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, NYC. Special thanks to Frank Video for permission to broadcast the audio to his recently uncovered video, “Hope to Live“, of the late Seattle underground poet, writer and performer, Steven Jesse Bernstein in an unknown hospital room at the Regional Epilepsy Center at Harborview Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, May 1990.

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