Urban Graffiti Mix #15

Urban Graffiti Mix #15 by Mark McCawley on Mixcloud

Urban sounds. Urban vibes. Urban verse. Urban tribes. Urban Graffiti. Songs of the city. Past and present. Old and new. The city keeps singing. Los Angeles. New York. San Francisco. Watts. Amsterdam. Auckland. London. Toronto.

Intriguing how well, and how easily, these tracks blend with one another. One track. Blink. Decades pass seamlessly. Effortlessly. An urban literary time machine. Step inside. Sit down. Lay back. Improvisation. Anarchist rants. Watts Prophets. Poetic monologues. Jazz poems. Fictioneers. Flarf poets. Unbearables. Multi-instrumentalists.

Special thanks to Paraphilia Magazine Editor in Chief and Apophenia Publisher Dire McCain for permission to broadcast her private recording “Felis Silvestris Summa Cum Opprobrium” excerpted from her memoir, Playing Chicken With Thanatos (Apophenia, 2013). Thanks to Jill Battson for permission to broadcast “Lessons from Frank” from her spoken word CD, Gratitude Songs (Bandcamp, 2013). Thanks to Aaron Geis/Blind With Rain for permission to broadcast “It Must Not End Like This” (Stillness and the Memory, 2009) and “Veritas” (Sanctus Luna, 2011). Thanks to Eddie Woods for permission to broadcast “Bloody Mary: a telephone prose poem” (Salon dAdA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1 May 2011). Thanks to Tourettes for permission to broadcast “Fear” (Spoken Word, 2012).

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