Urban Graffiti Mix #16

Urban Graffiti Mix #16 by Mark McCawley on Mixcloud

Love. Sex. Desire. Obsession. Smell the flowers while you can. Truth. Freedom. Justice. Anarchy. Poetry of love. Fiction of desire. Politics of sex. Dope. Music. Outlaw. Jazz. Smell the flowers while you can. Push the envelope. Transgress the status quo. Meat. Blood. Memory. Smell the flowers while you can. Nothing is as it seems. Even the flowers.

With thanks to DJ Vlad Pantry for permission to stream “David“. To WEACE for permission to stream “I Don’t Care“. Special thanks to Mitch Corber for recording the launch of the third Unbearables anthology, ‘Help Yourself!’ from Autonomedia at the Poetry Project, St. Mark’s Church, The Bowery, Manhattan, New York City, NY, 23rd of May, 1997 from which Bonny Finberg’s “How to Get Rid of Your Boyfriend’s Girlfriend”, Jim Feast’s “This is the time…”, Tsaurah Litzky’s “What Not To Do For Love” and Thad Rutkowski’s “Under Any Circumstances” are excerpted. View entire launch in two parts in the internet archive in Part One and Part Two. Thanks also to Mitch Corber and Poetry Thin Air cable co-producer George Spencer for recording Carl Watson’s “We Twisted Together For Our Lives” on Poetry Thin Air, Episode 82, 2013, from which the poem is excerpted. View entire episode, here. Thanks to Catherine Owen for permission to stream “What Could Be More Song than This (A Transgressive Piece for Harmonica & Utterance)“. Lastly, thanks to David Groulx for permission to stream “I Am Your City” from the Tree Reading Series at Black Squirrel Books, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 23rd of September, 2014. View entire reading, here.

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4 Responses to Urban Graffiti Mix #16

  1. Michael Holme

    Remember me? – “Panic attack.”
    Happy Christmas and a successful new year.

  2. Ron Kolm

    Steve Dalachinsky and Y-Pants in the same room! Cool! Wonderful collection of downtown stuff from ye olde and rapidly disappearing NYC.

  3. steve dalachinsky

    who is Y-pants

    • urbangraffito

      Y Pants were an all-female No Wave band from New York City active from 1979 to 1982. The trio, made up of photographer/musician Barbara Ess, visual artist Virginia Piersol, and filmmaker Gail Vachon, developed a unique sound via their acoustic toy instrumentation of toy piano, ukulele and a paper-headed Mickey Mouse drum kit, augmented by electric bass guitar, Casio keyboards and various low-tech effects.

      Y Pants’ feminist poetics and toy instrumentation made them a hit in Manhattans’s art gallery scene, while their No Wave clout brought them to be regulars at punk rock venues like CBGB’s. In 1980 Glenn Branca recorded their debut 4-song EP for the now legendary 99 Records, followed by a full-length LP two years later. Lyrically, most of the Y-Pants’ material covered the off-kilter aspects of relationships, with explorations into the perils of laundry (“Favorite Sweater”), materialism (“We Have Everything”), patriarchy (“That’s The Way Boys Are”), and a reworking of Bertolt Brecht’s “Barbara’s Song” from Threepenny Opera. Musically they’ve been compared to their British post-punk contemporaries The Raincoats for their overlapping vocal choruses and kitchen-sinkish approach to sound, rhythm and composition.

      Novelist and critic Lynne Tillman wrote the lyrics for the band’s song “Obvious.”

      Y-Pants disbanded shortly after the release of their album, reportedly reuniting each year on the various band members’ birthdays. Barbara Ess remained musically active throughout the 1980s, frequently contributing tracks to Tellus Audio Cassette Magazine and collaborating with Peggy Ahwesh on 2001’s Radio Guitar for the Ecstatic Peace! label.”

      from Wikipedia