Urban Graffiti Mix #17

Urban Graffiti Mix #17 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud

Between song and story and poem and monologue is the music of voice, the rhythm of voice, the melody of voice, the dissonance of voice — the urban voice, voice of the city, voice of its streets and alleyways, its gutters and cafes; the voice of the underclass and the bourgeoisie, academia and Bohemia; outlaws and establishment. Transgressive voices. Inventive voices. Voices seeping out tenement windows. Cracks in car windows. Voices in doorways. Rising from subways. Out of bookstores. Art galleries. Taverns. Even music, itself, is a voice, telling a story, setting a mood, telling a tale with its syntax of notes. Live music. Recorded music. Field recordings. Distinctions of genre dissolving as poets, writers, musicians find intriguingly new and ingenious voices.
Hildegard Westerkamp’s discography can be found at her homepage, here. Steve Dalachinsky and The Snobs CD. Massive Liquidity: An unsurreal post-apocalyptic anti-opera in two acts, can be found at Bam Balam Records. Always brilliant and entertaining, Black Sifichi’s extensive discography can be found here. Edward Anki’s book, Remote Life, can be found at BareBackPress in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Thanks to Mitch Corber for recording the launch of the third Unbearables anthology, Help Yourself! from Autonomedia at the Poetry Project, St. Mark’s Church, The Bowery, Manhattan, New York City, NY, 23rd of May, 1997 from which Ron Kolm’s “Notes to Myself (with thanks to Hugh Prather)” and Rob Hardin’s “Exterminating the Angels” are excerpted. View entire launch in two parts in the internet archive in Part One and Part Two. “Notes to Myself” was recently published in the book Duke & Jill by Ron Kolm by Unknown Press. Thanks also to Mitch Corber and Poetry Thin Air cable co-producer George Spencer for recording the Erik La Prade poem “An Erotic Memory of New York in the 1980s” on Poetry Thin Air, Episode 9, 2009, from which the poem is excerpted. View entire episode, here. Many thanks to Petty Vendetta for permission to stream “Snitchez” and “Tailored for Addiction” from his album, Don’t Shoot!, found here. Thanks to Catherine Owen for permission to stream “Pollen: a sliver fiction.” Thanks to Aaron Geis of Blind With Rain for permission to stream “1928” from his album, Stillness and the Memory, found here. Check out his website here as well. “The Percentages” is the first single from Enablers fifth album, The Rightful Pivot, found here. Michael Alan & Tim Love Lee’s “What About Music, Man?” has recently provided a partial soundtrack to Michael Alan’s Living Installations. Check out more of his music here. Thanks to Insect Ark — fronted by multi-instrumentalist Dana Schechter — for permission to stream “The Collector” from their debut album, Portal/Well. Find their website here. Lastly, thanks to David Groulx for permission to stream “No Words Are Said” from the Tree Reading Series at Black Squirrel Books, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 23rd of September, 2014. View entire reading, here.

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