Urban Graffiti Mix #18

Urban Graffiti Mix #18 by Mark Mccawley on Mixcloud

Rare tracks. New tracks. Transgressive tracks. Poetry, fiction, monologues, spoken word, and music tracks. Tracks from decades past. Tracks from emerging and established bands, poets, and writers. With Urban Graffiti Mix #18, UG continues its ongoing quest to compile and archive transgressive material too often overlooked by mainstream media, all the while celebrating the independent DIY spirit of avant-garde artists and autodidacts internationally.
Special thanks to Win Harms for permission to stream her poem, “Patron Saint of Philadelphia”. Her book, In Harms Way, is available through Barncott Press. Thanks to Howard Wuelfing of Howlin’ Wuelf Media for permission to stream “Get Fucked” from the L.A. gutter punk trio, Wake Up Lucid. Thanks to Enablers for permission to stream “Went Right” from their fifth album, The Rightful Pivot. Thanks to Armonite for permission to stream “Le temps qui fait ta rose” from their album, The Sun is New each Day. Thanks to Gary Barwin for permission to stream “bPome bPome”. It is a duet with bpNichol’s pome pome (bPome bPoem composed by Gary Barwin in 2015 using bpNichol’s recording of his own “Pome Poem” 1972; released 1982.) It is part of a larger work, entitled “H: for it is a pleasure and a surprise to breathe,” created in part from recordings of bpNichol. And thanks to Catherine Owen for permission to stream “The Nth Chambers of the Heart All End in Death” performed live at The Paper Hound Bookstore, Vancouver, BC, on 12 April 2014 during her Designated Mourner book tour.

Chavisa Woods poem “Portrait” is from ‘Poetry Thin Air’, Episode 40, Tribes Gallery, Manhattan, NYC, 2010. Erik La Prade‘s poem “Alone at Night” is from ‘Poetry Thin Air’, Episode 9, 2009. Tuli Kupferberg‘s “Teach Yourself Fucking” is from ‘Help Yourself!’, third Unbearables anthology, Autonomeadia; Poetry Project, St. Mark’s Church, The Bowery, Manhattan, New York City, NY, 23 May 1997. All were recorded by Mitch Corber.

“Poet Of The Streets” (read by Jack Micheline), “Beauty Is Everywhere Baudelaire” (read by S.A. Griffin), “Blues Poem” (read by Eddie Woods), and “A Poem To The Freaks” (read by Alan Kaufman) were all written by Jack Micheline and are from Give America A Break – A Tribute To Jack Micheline, Unrequited Records.

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