Urban Graffiti Mix #19

An “in-your-face” R-rated avant-garde audio response to the increasingly fictive, overly-commodified, G-rated Disneyfication of contemporary fiction, poetry, music and spoken word. Old and new connect where Temporary Autonomous Zones cross and individual creativity bursts through. Wickedly naughty, angry, boisterous, tempestuous. A stiff middle finger to the status quo tendency towards insularity, as well as intellectual and creative censure of socially and culturally uncomfortable subject matter. A celebration of vibrantly transgressive independent musicians, poets, and writers.
Special thanks to bart plantenga for permission to stream “The Beer Mystic’s Inadvertent Drift into a Dead-to-the-World State”. His ongoing exploration of the social, cultural, political, and societal memes surrounding his Beer Mystic’s favorite ambrosia. Read more excerpts from his soon to be published novel, Beer Mystic, here. Thanks to Thaddeus Rutkowski for permission to stream the premiere broadcast of his monologue, “TV Guide”, one of many long lost unique characters Rutkowski imagines in his ebook, Sex-Fiend Monologues, from a time before the bulldozer gentrification of Manhattan and the Lower East Side’s distinctive Downtown culture. Rutkowski’s website is here. Thanks to Steve Dalachinsky for permission to stream “Giverny” from ‘IndieFeed: Performance Poetry’, Show number 1568, Mon, 9 November 2015. He appears on IndieFeed: Performance Poetry eight times. Listen to them all here. Ron Kolm is a post-realist poet and fiction writer who combines the quotidian with the extraordinary in his fictions and poems. His most recent collection is Duke & Jill from Unknown Press. Order a copy here. Bonny Finberg is a poet and fiction writer who can juxtapose her Lower East Side characters and settings into a Twilight Zone version of the Wizard of Oz in which Finberg is both Dorothy and the Wizard. A writer of exquisite talent and ability to mesmerize her readers with her distinct narrative voice. Listen to the entire Radio Joy program, Saintly Acts of the Unchosen by Bonny Finberg from which “Saintly Acts” is streamed, here. Finberg’s debut novel is Kali’s Day. She is working on a second novel. Her website is here. Valery Oisteanu is a Soviet-born Romanian and American poet, art critic, essayist, photographer and performance artist, whose style reflects the influence of Dada and Surrealism. His most recent book is Anarchy for a Rainy Day (Spuyten Duyvil, 2015). Janice Erlbaum is an American author from New York City. She is the author of two memoirs, GirlBomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir and Have You Found Her: A Memoir, and one novel, “I, Liar.” Her poetry and prose have been featured in anthologies including Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Café, The Bust Guide to the New Girl Order, The Best American Erotic Poems From 1800 to the Present, and Verses that Hurt. As chronicled in her memoir Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir, after running away from home at age 15 Erlbaum spent years going from youth shelter to shelter, a self-described “halfway homeless” high school student afflicted with a taste for hard drugs and risky choices, while attending Bayard Rustin High School for the Humanities. Her website is here. Black Sifichi is a Scottish / American spoken word artist and writer born in New York City and who now lives in Paris. He has recorded albums with a multitude of artists, including “Unsavoury Products” and “Genetically Modifidied” with The Black Dog. Black’s website is here. Anne Elliott is a veteran of the New York spoken word circuit, with stage credits including The Whitney Museum, Lincoln Center, PS122, and St. Mark’s Poetry Project. She earned an MFA in visual art from University of California, San Diego, and lives in Southern Maine with 3 cats, 2 dogs, and 1 husband. Her website is here. Bob Witz is an American artist and writer born in Tomah, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1959. He is founder and editor of the literary arts magazine, APPEARANCES. Foamola is the only anti-rock band named after an herbal arthritis remedy. All their music is original, with tunes by Lawrence Fishberg (keyboard, vocals) and lyrics by Sparrow (ocarina, items found in the trash, vocals), with occasional words from Violet Snow (flute, vocals). Sylvia Mae Gorelick (xylophone, vocals), now 22, has been a band member since her months in the womb. Their website is here. Kristen Kosmas is an American playwright and performer. Her play Hello Failure was published by Ugly Duckling Presse; her multi-voice performance text This From Cloudland appears in the latest issue of “PLAY A Journal of Plays”; her companion pieces, ANTHEM and The Mayor of Baltimore and her most recent play, There There, were published by 53rd State Press; and her play APEX appears in “15 Second Plays curated by the Debate Society” published by Ugly Duckling Presse. Other plays include Chapter of Accidents, H-O-R-S-E, and Palomino. Kristen is the writer/performer of four critically acclaimed solo shows, Blah Blah Fuckin Blah, Again, Slip, and The Scandal! More about her here. Catherine Owen is a Canadian writer and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia. She currently resides in New Westminster by the Fraser River. She is the author of ten collections of poetry, among them Designated Mourner (ECW Press, 2014), Trobairitz (Anvil Press 2012), Seeing Lessons (Wolsak & Wynn 2010) and Frenzy (Anvil Press 2009). She has also published a volume of essays and memoirs called Catalysts: Confrontations with the Muse (Wolsak & Wynn, 2012), edited a collection of interviews and writing practices known as The Other 23 and a Half Hours or Everything You Wanted To Know That Your MFA Didn’t Teach You (Wolsak & Wynn, 2015) and has a compilation of short stories/sliver fictions coming out from Caitlin Press in late 2016. View Catherine Owen and Clinton John Leon’s entire video collaboration here. Todd Colby is the author of five collections of poetry, including Tremble and Shine (Soft Skull Press, 2004), Riot in the Charm Factory: New and Selected Poems (Soft Skull Press, 2003), Flushing Meadows (Scary Topiary Press, 2013) and Splash State (The Song Cave, 2014). His website is here.
1. Forward Music Quintet — Flame Dig Deep (from ‘Crash – A Tribute to J.G. Ballard’, Greece, Elfish Records, 1993)
2. bart plantenga (with the voice of Serena Bebido) — The Beer Mystic’s Inadvertent Drift into a Dead-to-the-World State (private recording, 2016)
3. John Trubee — Crawling Down The Corridor (from ‘L.A. Mantra II’, Trance 8, Trance Port Tapes, US, 1984)
4. Thaddeus Rutkowski — TV Guide [premiere broadcast] (Peter Catapano, percussion; Susan Scutti, organizer; Brett Zweiman, engineer. Funkadelic Studios, Times Square, Manhattan, NYC, 21 May 2011)
5. Rodrigo y Gabriela — Sunday Neurosis (from ‘9 Dead Alive’, Rubyworks, US, 25 Apr 2014)
6. Steve Dalachinsky – Giverny (from ‘IndieFeed: Performance Poetry’, Show number 1568, Mon, 9 November 2015)
7. Vanessa Daou — Alcestis On The Poetry Circuit (from ‘Zipless’, Krasnow Entertainment/MCA, CD, US, 1995)
8. Ron Kolm — I Was A Teenage Fascist (The Loser’s Club, Cornelia Street Cafe, NYC, NY, 6 January 2016)
9. The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy — Music and Politics (from ‘Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury, 4th & B’way, US, 1992)
10. Bonny Finberg — Saintly Acts (from ‘Saintly Acts of the Unchosen’, Radio Joy, Text: How the Discovery of Sugar Produced the Romantic Era by Bonny Finberg, Sisyphys Press Chapbook Series #20, 2005; Sound: Berni Simons, 13 Sept 2009)
11. Troublemakers — Too Old To Die (from ‘Doubts & Convictions’, Guidance Recordings, CD, Germany, 2001)
12. Valery Oisteanu — Taylor Mead (18th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts, Theater For the New City, Friday, May 24, 2013, 11:59pm)
13. Phil Ranelin & Tribe — Vibes From The Tribe (from ‘Message From The Tribe: An Anthology Of Tribe Records: 1972-1976’, Universal Sound, UK, Compilation, Box Set, 1976/1996)
14. Janice Erlbaum — Shelter Happens (Part 1) (from ‘Family Affairs’, recorded live at Eureka Joe’s, NYC, June, 1995)
15. Brain Damage (featuring Black Sifichi) – My Legs, My Arms, My Mind & My Brain (from ‘Burning Before Sunset’, Jarring Effects, France, 2010)
16. Anne Elliott (harmonica: Hugh McQuillan) — Preacher’s Daughter (from ‘Family Affairs’, recorded live at Eureka Joe’s, NYC, June, 1995)
17. Lol Coxhill — The Calm (from ‘Perspectives and Distortion’, Cherry Red, UK, LP, 1981)
18. Bob Witz — Two Beckett Poems (from ‘Help Yourself!’, third Unbearables anthology, Autonomeadia; Poetry Project, St. Mark’s Church, The Bowery, Manhattan, New York City, NY, 23 May 1997; recorded by Mitch Corber)
19. Foamola (feat. Lawrence Fishberg, Silvia Mae Gorelick, Sparrow, Violet Snow) — I’ve Been Reincarnated Too Many Times (from ‘Poemfone: New Word Order’, The Tomato Company, Rhino Records, US, 1996)
20. Hector Zazou — Hunger (from ‘Parade Sauvage: based on poems by Arthur Rimbaud’, Works In Progress, CD, France, 1991)
21. M. Gira — My Birth (1996) (from ‘The Somniloquist’, Young God Records, Limited Edition, CD, 17 Jan 2000)
22. Troublemakers — Black City (from ‘Doubts & Convictions’, Guidance Recordings, CD, Germany, 2001)
23. Randall Kennedy & Reconstruction — Heroin (from ‘Viva Los Angeles’, Viva Records, Vinyl, Italy, 1986)
24. Mark McCawley & Black Sifichi — Screaming My Face Off (excerpt) [Black Sifichi Mix] (Private recording, text/vocals: Mark McCawley, Sound: Black Sifichi, Canada/France, 13 May 2013)
25. X — Because I Do (TV Mix/Instrumental) (from ‘Under The Big Black Sun’, Rhino Records, CD, Sep 2001)
26. Jim Carroll — Just Visiting (from ‘Life Is A Killer’, Giorno Poetry Systems, CD, US, 1982)
27. John J. Lafai — Fear (from ‘Trance 4: Prayers’, Trance Port Tapes, Los Angeles, CA, USA, 1984)
28. Natalie Jacobson — Got What Was Coming (from ‘Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense, Vol. 2,’ Epic Records, Compilation, Europe, 1996)
29. Randall Kennedy — Never Ending Night (from ‘L.A. Mantra II’, Trance 8, Trance Port Tapes, US, 1984)
30. Kristen Kosmas — Untitled (from ‘Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense, Vol. 2,’ Epic Records, Compilation, Europe, 1996)
31. His Masters Voice — Desire (from ‘Tellus #8 – USA/Germany’, Tellus, US, 1985)
32. David Wojnarowicz — Last Night (from ‘Silence=Death’, Rosa von Praunheim Filmproduktion, US/West Germany, 4 May 1990)
33. Catherine Owen and Clinton John Leon — What I Wanted (vocals/poem: Catherine Owen; background music/mixing: Clinton John Leon; Siege of Sound, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2016)
34. Hubert Selby Jr. — Girls And Boys Together (from ‘Our Fathers Who Aren’t In Heaven’, Widowspeak Productions, Compilation, CD, US, 1990)
35. Mia Zapata — Social Love (Live) (from ‘Home Alive: The Art of Self Defense, Vol. 2,’ Epic Records, Compilation, Europe, 1996)
36. Lydia Lunch — “Yeah, I love myself, too…” (from ‘Conspirɑcy of Women’, US, Pathological Records, 1990)
37. Mark Sandman — The Ring (from ‘Mark Sandman Tribute Recordings’, Boston, MA, Aug 3-7, 2009)
38. Todd Colby — Unbronzed Fret (from ‘Poemfone: New Word Order’, The Tomato Company, Rhino Records, US, 1996)
39. Old Gray — Instrumental (from ‘Do I Dare Disturb the Universe’, bandcamp, EP, 02 September 2011)

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