Urban Graffiti Mix #9

Vision and memory. Experience and imagination. Secrets. Confessions. Regrets. Identity. Introspection. Insurgency of the self. All insistent elements of those artists, musicians, writers, poets who live and create on the edge, always pushing at boundaries personal and creative. Speaking of things too long left unspoken: where secrets transform into taboos. Same sex love. Alcoholism. Violence. Incest. Abortion. Desires. Obsessions. The fertile ground of the outsider artist, the underground writer, brave and courageous enough to mine the dark, deep wells of the self, society, culture and return with beautiful, sometimes terrible glimpses of what is there. The stories we tell. The stories we are. Our narratives.

Note: the editor wishes to thank Dennis E. Bolen for his permission to stream his poems “Everybody”, “Mr. Rage”, and “Song of the Chain”. Thanks also to Catherine Owen of Above & Beyond Productions for permission to stream “Villanelle” and “The Music Ruins”, both from Catherine Owen’s Trobairitz, performed by the Lyrical Outlaws. Thanks also to Owen for permission to stream “Cassandra of the Black Arts” by Medea, a collaboration between Owen and the late Chris Matzigkeit. Special thanks to Joe Rosenblatt whose poem, “Snake Poem” was recorded and mixed on August 26, 2012, by Catherine Owen at Above & Beyond Productions.

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