Urban Graffiti Mix #7

In the age of celebrity for its own sake, the commodification of literature and the arts as entertainment has produced a sort of consensus artist, one who doesn’t create anything original or unique, but first determines what kind of art is going to be socially, culturally, and financially acceptable — then creates it. Is it really any wonder most of what gets created has the flavor and texture of pablum? Against such a background it takes a truly brave writer/poet/artist to pull back the fabric of their own lives, introspect, and by doing so, return with insights into the contemporary urban psyche and soul. It’s these very writers and poets I seek out when I compile these Urban Graffiti Mixes. It takes guts not to be some consensus artist. It takes guts to follow the beat of one’s own drummer, especially when the mediocre are so often lauded and applauded. And as a late friend once said, “It takes guts to know a little happiness and not make a poem out of it…”

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