Crime and Punishment by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Crime and Punishment

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright


"Judy, mixed media, 6x4", 2015", Copyright © Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, 2016

“Judy, mixed media, 6×4″, 2015”, Copyright © Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, 2016

That time Mark scarfed down acid
in the back seat of a patrol car
in Naples, Florida. I was 21.
Jayne Anne Phillips rode shotgun.
That time I stole a life-sized nurse
from the Marine recruiting office.
that time I swiped a flag from
in front of the VFW on Cherry Street.
Got 5 days and fined $150 for that
prank. Dad refused to see me.
A friend of his brought a copy
of Crime and Punishment to the jail.
That time, late — late in August
when dad called with the diagnosis.
~Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is an artist, eco-activist, publisher, impresario and critic. He is best known as a poet and studied with Ted Berrigan, Alice Notley at the Poetry Project where he also served on the Board of Directors for three years. He received his MFA in poetry after studying with Allen Ginsberg who wrote a forward for his book Take Over. From 1987 to 2000 he published Cover Magazine, a monthly with national circulation. His 13th book of poetry is a “poemifesto” called Party Everywhere, which was produced during a residency grant from EMedia-Loft and released in 2014 by Xanadu Press. That year he was also the winner of the Theater for the New City poetry contest. Currently he hosts events at La Mama ETC and produces an art and poetry showcase called Live Mag! Wright’s artwork has been included in several exhibitions. His artwork has been published by Urban Graffiti, and Beet, among others. More is forthcoming in Local Knowledge.

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