Poems Are Reports From Inner Space by Stephen Morrissey

Poems Are Reports

From Inner Space


by Stephen Morrissey


"Dark City" © 2015 Erik La Prade

“Dark City” © 2015 Erik La Prade

There is no consensus of intelligence anymore, but there is Inner Space.
The first experience we have of Inner Space: our dreams.
Of course, if we censor our reports from Inner Space we end up with poetry that lacks authenticity.
I come from a dark place—I know that it will always be dark—I have spent too long in Inner Space.
Poetry has its own archaeology: it’s what we excavate in Inner Space.
Did you follow your vision? Did you hear the voice calling you from Inner Space?
We fear the unconscious; it is a portal to Inner Space.
It was not a part of my repertoire of emotions; I was trapped in Inner Space.
Poems are reports from Inner Space.
November is “Inner Space Month”.
Artifacts and the detritus of Inner Space wash up on the shores of consciousness.
One day everything you said from Inner Space will be used against you.
All artists are nihilists; they destroy the old in the act of reporting from Inner Space.
The poet’s journey in Inner Space is the shaman’s journey.
I live at the inn of Inner Space, the inn on the road through a forest; few come this way, few visit the inn, the Yew Tree Inn.
Where we live, those outposts of Inner Space.
I am sending out probes into Inner Space.
Someone emerges, one born from the genetic debris of Inner Space.
~Stephen Morrissey, November 2015
Stephen Morrissey

Stephen Morrissey was born in Montreal, Canada. He has published nine books of poetry; most recently, A Private Mythology, was published by Ekstasis Editions in 2014. His literary papers are archived at Rare Books and Special Collections, McLennan Library, McGill University.

Visit the poet at www.stephenmorrissey.ca

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