Runaway Doors by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

Runaway Doors

by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright


"Follow Me", Copyright © Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, 2015

“Follow Me”, Copyright © Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, 2015

Door scratched out of homemade sky.
Door made of pink tongues
Forever telling jokes
To a door of white ash.
Door of my skull etched
Into a door of candle wind.
Doors buried under moth dust.
Doors with no business being doors.
Doors without borders.
The war on doors.
A door without a country.
A door that’s in a jam.
Runaway doors
Swaggering through leftover heaven.
Door of tomorrow’s marrow
Huddled between imposter doors.
Involuntary dream door
Exacerbating God’s twin.
Old-timey door swimming
Through a dive bar.
Door chops.
Door closing between us
Because I am impatient,
A snowflake in heat
And you are impervious,
Door on the edge of a cliff.
Door built by Yetti women.
Ali Baba and the forty dwarves.
Enemy doors growling
With warheads stuck in their gullets.
Door of the shroud maker
Lonely in her needle EYE.
Door to the Department of Nonsense.
Door to the Zero Clue Zone.
Naked doors screaming with indecision.
Doors fiddling in the clown wing
While thermometers rise with the tides.
VIP doors to nowhere in the hush panic.
Plastic doors lining the ocean floor.
Haunted doors, leering in the flood grate.
A door wanted by law enforcement
For forging my forgotten cell key.
Door hiding in a keyhole.
Door standing in line to lie to Congress.
Last one in line is a doorstop.
Hello, door of last resorts.
Unsustainable door of the insatiable.
Pregnant teenage door.
Two-time loser door.
Door with a rap sheet.
Door that hears your dreams boil.
Door that splits us in half.
A door that is a jar.
A pair of paradoxical doors.
I’m crazy for you door but you’re crazy,
Crazy door whom I adore.
Door stealing the door to the future.
A fake door on fire
Where your heart used to beat.
An imaginary door with false teeth.
A door begging to be let in.
A red door in a radioactive cage.
A door covered with dry sedge.
A door made of drought.
A hungry door with lockjaw.
If it don’t stink, it ain’t shit door.
The “nobody cares about you” door.
Petrified doors, dying to escape.
A poor door forever falling behind.
Door you were born to end before.
~Jeffrey Cyphers Wright
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is an artist, eco-activist, publisher, impresario and critic. He is best known as a poet and studied with Ted Berrigan, Alice Notley at the Poetry Project where he also served on the Board of Directors for three years. He received his MFA in poetry after studying with Allen Ginsberg who wrote a forward for his book Take Over. From 1987 to 2000 he published Cover Magazine, a monthly with national circulation. His 13th book of poetry is a “poemifesto” called Party Everywhere, which was produced during a residency grant from EMedia-Loft and released in 2014 by Xanadu Press. That year he was also the winner of the Theater for the New City poetry contest. Currently he hosts events at La Mama ETC and produces an art and poetry showcase called Live Mag! Wright’s artwork has been included in several exhibitions. His artwork has been published by Urban Graffiti, and Beet, among others. More is forthcoming in Local Knowledge.

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2 Responses to Runaway Doors by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

  1. Ron Kolm

    Jeff Wright is just a flat-out wonderful poet! He singlehandedly keeps the sonnet alive with his carbonated sense of humor. He’s one street smart surrealist.

  2. Olivia Wu

    Jeffrey has a way of making unexpected connections among concepts and sensations to invoke fresh meanings and feelings. It expands my intersection area of dream and awareness in reading his poems.