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Does the World Poker Club on Facebook Have Anything to Do With Online Poker?

Does the World Poker Club on Facebook have anything to do with the online poker world or is this a promotion for another website? I am not sure but from reading over the various rules and regulations it does appear as though it is in fact a poker website. The website has a rather large amount of poker rooms all under the same umbrella and players are able to combine their friends and play with people from across the world. Therefore, one would assume that all players would be able to find an available game at any given time.

World Poker Club
The rules state that once a player is registered with the club he/she can access all the poker rooms on the network and play against all players from all the clubs worldwide. Although I was able to find a few games on this site, most of the action was taking place in Canada and the United States where online poker has had a much longer history. Many years ago the World Poker Tour used to be the most popular tourney around, but now the focus has been more on online poker. However, the club makes money off advertising which is always welcome if it means more exposure for the game in the eyes of players everywhere.

One great aspect of the World Poker Club on Facebook is the chat room. Players from all over the world can congregate on the site and start having conversations about all aspects of poker. In many cases, players will be able to trade information and strategies or simply ask for tips and information about the game. Because the poker room on the website is hosted by the actual world poker tour, players can rest assured that if they have an issue, they will be quickly helped by someone halfway across the globe.